Deverian Antique Oriental Rugs and Persian Carpets
Since 1886


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We are extremely proud of the rugs and carpets that we have acquired over the years and want to educate the public and discriminating collector with their beauty.  These peices are in our private collection due to their fine examples of master craftmanship, exquisite colors, artful designs, and superb materials.

Click on any rug to see a larger photo of that rug.  Please bear in mind that although the photos are good, the resolution has been reduced in favor of quicker download times, and that although the colors are close to the true colors, they may vary slightly due to your graphics setup and the quality of the original photo.

Extremely Rare, Unique, or Collectors Pieces from our Private Collection

Motasham Kashan Sultan's Complete Saddle Set

This Saddle Set has been in the Deverian family for over 100 years.  It has over 420 knots per square inch.  The piece is Museum Quality.  It is extremely rare to find a complete Saddle Set with 4 pieces consisting of a large blanket which went next to the horse's hide; a smaller piece that was designed to cover the saddle; and two smaller pieces that covered the stirrups with silk roses.  This is all woven as fine as needle-point and soft as a kittens ear.  It has all the shades of the jungle forest on an ivory background.  It portrays an Persian hunter's paradise.   Hounds are seen in full cry, light colored fawns, darken deer, bronze colored antelope, and even the King of Beasts, with his mate, yawning a bit to show her red silk tongue.  All enclosed in a red & blue border.  It was obviously woven for an elegant Prince of Persia who shared his luxurious life with his much beloved horse.

It is in excellent condition except where the saddle rubbed against the riders legs.  The Grace of the motifs, the combination of colors, places this saddle set in the highest rank of art.

Saddle%20Set%20High%20res%20croped.jpg (39118 bytes) Rug #: Sultan's Complete Saddle Set

Origin: Motasham Kashan

Condition: Excellent

Age: 1880's

Mot%20Kashan%20Saddle%20Cover%20484980%20013_13%20thumb.jpg (5076 bytes) Mot%20Kashan%20Saddle%20blanket%20484980%20011_15%20thumb.jpg (5016 bytes) Mot%20Kashan%20L%20Sturup%20cover%20484980%20012-14%20thumb.jpg (5056 bytes)Mot%20Kashan%20R%20Sturup%20cover%20484980%20012-14%20thumb.jpg (5049 bytes)



Dev022.jpg (8691 bytes) Rug #: 12060

Origin: Kashan

Condition: Good

Size: 10'x13'

Circa: 1920's

Dev020.jpg (8148 bytes)
Dev019.jpg (7815 bytes) Dev018.jpg (8936 bytes) Dev017.jpg (8706 bytes)
This is a very special carpet.  Dev021.jpg (8693 bytes) This piece is part of our private collection.



Herez%200981%20Img0019%20thumb.jpg (4870 bytes)

Photo#: 0981-19

Rug #: 9099

Origin: Herez

Condition: Mint

Size: 7'11"x11'9"

Circa: 1920's

This piece is part of our private collection.



Yezd%200982%20Img0012%20thumb.jpg (4744 bytes)

Photo #: 0982-12

Rug #: 7003

Origin: Yezd

Condition: Good

Size: 10'x16'

Circa: 1920's

There are some low spots on this carpet, but it is not thread-bare.

This piece is part of our private collection.

Yezd%207003%20484980%2008_18%20Mdtl%20thumb.jpg (4947 bytes) Yezd%207003%20484980%20010_16%20Cdtl%20thumb.jpg (5097 bytes) Yezd%207003%20484980%2009_17%20Bdtl%20thumb.jpg (5105 bytes)



Chinese%2043%200982-01%20thumb.jpg (10344 bytes)

Photo# 0982-01

Rug #: 43

Origin: Chinese

Condition: Mint

Size: 8'10"x11'8"

Circa: 1920's

This piece is part of our private collection.
Chinese%2043%20484980%20022_3%20Bdtl%20thumb.jpg (5020 bytes) Detail photo above rug  



Batiari%200982%20Img0018%20thumb.jpg (5070 bytes)

Photo #: 0982-18

Rug #: 37

Origin: Bakhtiari

Condition: Mint

Size: 6'x10'6"

Circa: 1920's

The sister of this rug was featured in an article in the US Air Magazine.   This piece is part of our private collection.
Batiarti%20484985%20009_17%20Mdtl%20thumb.jpg (5034 bytes) Batiarti%20484985%20008_18%20Cdtl%20thumb.jpg (4981 bytes) Batiarti%20484985%20007_19%20Bdtl%20thumb.jpg (5013 bytes)




Hereke Silk

Hereki%20Silk%20484985%20001_25%20thumb.jpg (5150 bytes)

Photo# 484985-06

Rug #: Unassigned

Origin: Silk Hereke

Condition: Mint

Size: 2'x3'

Age: Modern

1,400,000 Knots/sq.meter

This piece is part of our private collection.

Hereki%20Silk%20484985%20020_6%20thumb.jpg (4969 bytes) Different View

Same as Above



Qashqa'i  and Soumak