Deverian Antique Oriental Rugs and Persian Carpets
Since 1886

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Batiari%200982%20Img0018%20thumb.jpg (5070 bytes)

Photo #: 0982-18

Rug #: 37

Origin: Bakhtiari

Condition: Mint

Size: 6'x10'6"

Circa: 1920's

The sister of this rug was featured in an article in the US Air Magazine.   This piece is part of our private collection.
Batiarti%20484985%20009_17%20Mdtl%20thumb.jpg (5034 bytes) Batiarti%20484985%20008_18%20Cdtl%20thumb.jpg (4981 bytes) Batiarti%20484985%20007_19%20Bdtl%20thumb.jpg (5013 bytes)
Baktiari thumb 012.JPG (399882 bytes)  

Rug #: N/A

Origin: Bakhtiari

Condition: Excellent with slight repair

Size: Approx. 10'x16'

Circa: 1920's

This piece is part of our private collection.