Deverian Antique Oriental Rugs and Persian Carpets
Since 1886

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Kashan 0982 Img0019 thumb.jpg (4979 bytes)

Photo# 0982-19

Rug #: 9005

Origin: Kashan

Condition: Excellent

Size:  8'8"x12'3"

Circa: 1910's

Typical traditional design.

No longer available.

Kashan%209005%20484980%20024-1%20Mdtl%20thumb.jpg (5009 bytes) Kashan%209005%20484980%20025_0%20Cdtl%20thumb.jpg (8910 bytes) Kashan%209005%20484980%20023-2%20Bdtl%20thumb.jpg (5024 bytes)
More detail of above kashan%20484980%20001_24A%20thump.jpg (6197 bytes)  
Kashan%200982%20Img0003%20thumb.jpg (5056 bytes)

Photo #: 0982-3

Rug #: 7006

Origin: Kashan

Condition: Mint

Size: 10'x14'

Circa: 1920's

Made with MERINO wool in Mint condition.   Typical traditional design - a very fine Kashan with a soft ivory background and rose and blue motif.  The Merino wool and the age give this rug a beautiful silky look.  This piece was part of our private collection.

No longer available.

Kashan%20484985%20002_24%20Mdtl%20thumb.jpg (4977 bytes) Kashan%209005%20484980%20025_0%20Cdtl%20thumb.jpg (8910 bytes) Kashan%20Manchester%20484980%20002_24%20Bdtl%20thumb.jpg (5018 bytes)
Detail photo of above rug. Kashan%20484985%20004_22%20cdtl%20thumb.jpg (4968 bytes) Kashan%20484985%20003_23%20Bdtl%20thumb.jpg (4970 bytes)
Dev022.jpg (8691 bytes) Rug #: 12060

Origin: Kashan

Condition: Good

Size: 10'x13'

Circa: 1920's

Dev020.jpg (8148 bytes)
Dev019.jpg (7815 bytes) Dev018.jpg (8936 bytes) Dev017.jpg (8706 bytes)
This is a very special carpet.  Dev021.jpg (8693 bytes) This piece is part of our private collection.