Deverian Antique Oriental Rugs and Persian Carpets
Since 1886


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For four generations, the Deverian's have been buying, appraising, consigning, and selling high quality, unique and rare Antique and Semi-Antique Oriental rugs and Persian Carpets.  We specializes in handmade, vegetable dye, Oriental Carpets and Persian Rugs.  Based in Rochester, New York and located in beautiful Upstate New York, Deverian Antique Oriental Rugs and Persian Carpets customer's list includes International collectors and dealers. Let our expert specialists appraise your natural dye prayer rugs, tribal rarities or other collector items. We also buy rugs, sell rugs, write appraisals, for Oriental Carpets and Persian Rugs for our wholesale and retail customers. Send us photos of your Oriental Rugs or Persian Carpets if you are interested in consignment, appraisals, or selling your Oriental Carpets and Persian Rugs.

Please click on our picture to see a portion of our Antique and Semi-Antique Oriental Carpets and Persian Rugs.

Enjoy looking at some of the finest antique and semi-antique oriental carpets and rugs.

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Room Size carpets
Herez, Oushaks, Bijars, Serapi, Kerman, Kashan, Tabriz, Yezd, Chinese, and many more
Area rugs
Kazak, Kurd, Sereb, Shiraz, Yomud, Bokarah, Sarouk, Hamadan, Qashqa'i, Shirvan, Kabistan, Nian, Anatolian, Caucasian, Persian, and Turkoman
Mats and Runners
Kurd, Persian, and Tribal bag faces
Silk rugs
Herekes with up to 1,400,000 knots per Sq. Meter
Private Collection
Rare and Unique Motasham Kashan Sultan's Complete Saddle Set, Kazaks, and Qashqa'i
Recent Additions
Recent additions to our inventory

The Superior wool and dye found only in antique carpets make them the most desireable. 


They are magic carpets that beautify any home.