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    For four generations, the Deverian's have been buying, appraising, consigning, and selling high quality, unique and rare Antique and Semi-Antique Oriental rugs and Persian Carpets.  We specializes in handmade, vegetable dye, Oriental Carpets and Persian Rugs.  Based in Rochester, New York and located in beautiful Upstate New York, Deverian Antique Oriental Rugs and Persian Carpets customer's list includes International collectors and dealers. Let our expert specialists appraise your natural dye prayer rugs, tribal rarities or other collector items. We also buy rugs, sell rugs, write appraisals, for Oriental Carpets and Persian Rugs for our wholesale and retail customers. Send us photos of your Oriental Rugs or Persian Carpets if you are interested in consignment, appraisals, or selling your Oriental Carpets and Persian Rugs.

Example of an Extremely Rare, Unique, Collectors Piece

Motasham Kashan Sultan's Complete Saddle Set

This Saddle Set has been in the Deverian family for over 100 years.  It has over 420 knots per square inch.  The piece is Museum Quality.  It is extremely rare to find a complete Saddle Set with 4 pieces consisting of a large blanket which went next to the horse's hide; a smaller piece that was designed to cover the saddle; and two smaller pieces that covered the stirrups with silk roses.  This is all woven as fine as needle-point and soft as a kittens ear.  It has all the shades of the jungle forest on an ivory background.  It portrays an Persian hunter's paradise.   Hounds are seen in full cry, light colored fawns, darken deer, bronze colored antelope, and even the King of Beasts, with his mate, yawning a bit to show her red silk tongue.  All enclosed in a red & blue border.  It was obviously woven for an elegant Prince of Persia who shared his luxurious life with his much beloved horse.

It is in excellent condition except where the saddle rubbed against the riders legs.  The Grace of the motifs, the combination of colors, places this saddle set in the highest rank of art.

Rug #: Sultan's Complete Saddle Set

Origin: Motasham Kashan

Condition: Excellent

Age: 1880's


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1800's reproduction of Correggio's "Madonna adoring the Child" painting

with the seal of the Uffizi Gallery.

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ROOM......: 23 - The Correggio Room

AUTHOR....: Antonio Allegri Called Correggio

PERIOD....: 1489-1534

TITLE.....: Adoration of the Child

TYPE......: Oil on canvas, 81x77

NOTES.....: Painted in 1524/6.

Sent as a gift in 1617 from Francesco I of Modena to oCosimo IIde'Medici and placed in the Tribune.

Correggio’s “Madonna adoring the Child” is one of the master’s most exquisite works.  It was presented by the Duke of Mantua to Cosimo II. De’ Medici and placed in the Uffizi Gallery in 1617.  The delicate grace of execution, the mastery in the treatment of color and light and shade is so incomparable that the artist well deserves the title given him of “il re della luce.”

Correggio (Antonio Allegri), so named from his native village near Modena, was born in 1494.   Very little is known about his early life.  He probably was influenced by Titian and the painters of Mantua and Modena.  He soon gave proof of very great technical ability.  His works are distinguished by the most beautiful handling of chiaroscuro; by means of ingenious contrasts he creates effects of the most dazzling brilliance and the darkest shadow; his flesh tones are rich and warm, or cool and opalescent, with definitely subtle modulations and transitions.


This exceptional 10' by 16' Baktiari is a work of art.

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